Shekinah Ranch

Shekinah Ranch in Colorado is a special place that was built and prepared with much prayer. The founders wanted to provide a lovely setting where people in ministry could come for spiritual retreat. “We want Shekinah Ranch to be a place of rest, renewal, restoration and vision; a place where those in the fires of the front lines can withdraw from the battle to be in the presence of God.” (from their website) God’s presence and peace are sweetly felt here.

Snows Mill Guesthouse

The Missionary Care Ministry was founded in 1999 with the vision of providing a place where “God’s servants can be refreshed and renewed in spirit.” Since it began, this ministry has served over 4000 missionaries serving in more than 100 countries, blessing them with a place to rest and be refreshed, so that they can continue spreading the gospel throughout the world.

Ridgecrest Conference Center

This is a large Christian conference center in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC. Their first summer camp took place in 1909, and since then this special ministry has continued to serve youth, churches, missionaries and those in Christian ministry. “Before you even set foot on campus, our staff and volunteers are praying for you….” This statement represents the heart of Ridgecrest’s ministry. 

Fairhaven Ministries

This is a lovely retreat place in the mountains of eastern TN, founded as a place to minister to those serving in ministry. Their mission is “To provide a safe, comfortable and confidential environment for our guests to experience rest, renewal and restoration in Christ.” This ministry is non-denominational, serving pastors, missionaries and those in Christian ministry since 1980.