Encourage ⋄ Equip ⋄ Empower

Life can be hard. It can be confusing or really complicated…I understand. More importantly, Jesus knows and He understands what we go through. I believe Jesus has all the answers. My role is to help you ask the questions. 
I take coaching seriously. This is not “Little League.” I ask tough questions, and I give action assignments (aka “homework”). I want to see you experience the growth, positive changes, and genuine transformation you desire in your life. 
It’s my privilege to come alongside you on your journey – to bring a different perspective, to ask questions, to prod you to action, to cheer you on, and to rejoice with you as God continues working out His good plans and purposes for you.

Health Coaching Packages

“We called Joanna in an emergency when we were traveling and our oldest daughter was sick. Joanna was able to help us and give us a recommendation on what to do. She got better soon after. We are so thankful that Joanna was able to help us.” -Edith E.

“Joanna was very informative and clear on what steps I needed to take in order to get my health back on track.” -Cara Z.

Life Coaching Packages

“Life coaching with Joanna has helped me to change my mindset and seek possibilities where I limited myself before with fear! It is helping me to find what I truly desire and to take steps towards that!” -Mary W.

“Joanna is excellent at asking questions that hadn’t occurred to me. I am very grateful for her understanding of biblical principles and ability to help me apply them to my situation.” -Jan H.