Crazy, Hard, Beautiful Journey -
Stories of God's Unfailing Grace, Goodness, and Divine Purpose

Have you been on a difficult, painful, unpredictable journey? Has it often felt impossible, crazy, even unexplainable? If you have, then this book was written for you. Whatever you’ve experienced, there is hope to be found in God’s divine purpose and surprising grace. In this devotional memoir, Joanna shares stories from a seven-year period of her life filled with ridiculous stress, crazy circumstances, and countless miracles, large and small. As you read about God’s faithfulness, wisdom, love, and grace in her life, you’ll be encouraged and see more of the beauty God is giving you on your journey as well.

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“Not every book is accurately named, but Joanna’s Crazy, Hard, Beautiful Journey has a title that fits it to a tee. A Bible college graduate, missionary to Central America, trained Christian life coach, and a life pilgrim, Joanna has integrated biblical insights, vivid verbal imagery, and raw human emotion into an incredible seven-year saga. Knowing Joanna and reading her book, it would not be an exaggeration to refer to her as a 21st-century Job. If you have been through trying circumstances that make you feel a kinship with Job, I can assure you that Joanna’s book will bring you great encouragement. Her focus throughout is not simply on the circumstances, but on unlimited, unfailing grace, accomplished divine purposes, and beauty throughout the journey. Joanna has come to the conclusion the patriarch expressed in Job 23:10: ‘But he knows the way that I take; when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold.’” 

–Don Hawkins, D. Min, President/CEO: Encouragement Communications, Author of Never Give Up

“I’m thankful God has caused my path to cross with Joanna’s at just the right moments over the years. When I read the first chapter of Crazy, Hard, Beautiful Journey, I thought, ‘That’s exactly what I’ve been doing…trusting God one day at a time to give me grace and send me just what I need for that day. That’s all I can handle!’ Joanna’s transparency regarding her own difficulties, and her unique, relatable style in this book will encourage anyone in their own challenging journey called life.”

–Sue Plett, a fellow sojourner

Crazy, Hard, Beautiful Journey by Joanna K. Harris is easy to relate to and speaks deeply to the heart. The writing style is in everyday language and easy to read. Her authenticity about her feelings along her journey is refreshing, and she always points to the truth that God’s grace is more than sufficient for whatever comes our way in life. This book is a must-read especially for those in the midst of severe trials of life.”

–Suzi James, retired missionary