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I love words! For me, writing is like playing with little building blocks and creating something wonderful. I also love how the written word has power to impact lives – even long after the words are written.

For my fellow writers, I hope you’ll continue writing the words God has entrusted to you! If you’re looking for help in your writing process – through editing, proofreading, or writer coaching, I’d be delighted to come alongside you on your journey.  

“Joanna is accurate and thorough in her editing. She is skillful at helping writers express well what they want to say. It was a pleasure to work with her.” –Jan Harris, Author of Discovering Our Amazing God  
“Joanna is an excellent copyeditor and proofreader. She has helped our company with several projects, including marketing text, a new website, and a non-fiction book. She cares about quality and attention to details. I recommend her wholeheartedly!” -Karin Daniel Freesound Media Company    

If you have a manuscript started or an idea for a book but need help developing the story or the concepts, I’d be happy to help you with developmental editing – of either fiction or non-fiction.

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Developmental Editing Rates
$.03 per word 
$25 per hour
$150 for a 40-min. coaching session + critique/assessment of 2 chapters (up to 5000 words)
$500 for 3 coaching sessions (40 min. each) + 16 hours editing


Free Consultation

If you’d like more information about these services, or if you’d just like to discuss your project with a fellow writer, I’m happy to offer a free 20-minute consultation. You can request yours through the form below. 

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