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He’s My GOD! Knowing God Through His Names: A Children’s Devotional Book 2

How many of God’s names do your children know? In Book 2 of He’s My GOD! your children can learn 18 more names of God – including Prince of Peace, Refuge, and Savior. These devotions will teach your children helpful truths about God’s character and how those truths can help them each day.

Written for ages 5-10 in kid-friendly language, each devotion is illustrated with engaging photos of children. Your kids can read these devotions on their own, or they can be used with the whole family. Either way, your kids will be encouraged as they get to know God better.


“The names of God provide children an early look into God’s character and it is from this solid foundation they build a life-long relationship with Him.  This devotional provides children with a clear picture of God’s attributes in an understandable way.”

-Chuck P.

“What’s in a name? God has revealed much about His character and essence in His names, and Joanna K. Harris reminds us of these blessed truths in a succinct yet memorable way. Parents, grandparents, and teachers alike will greatly benefit from He’s My GOD! After reading it for the first time, I could not wait to read it to my six-year-old. I suspect you will follow suit!”

-David S.