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Places of Retreat Blog

Everyone needs a retreat at times, including missionaries and those in ministry. This blog is all about special places that are serving people in Christian ministry. Whether you need a short retreat by yourself, as a couple, or a family, or if you need a longer stay, there are places that have been prayerfully prepared for you. I hope you’ll find the place of retreat you need and be refreshed. 

A few things to note: 

The information on this blog is current as of January 2022. Changes, updates, or rate increases may have been made since then. I apologize in advance if any information has changed. 

Most of these places are booked weeks or months in advance, so the sooner you know your schedule the better chance you’ll have to make a reservation. However, there are sometimes last-minute openings, so it’s worth checking if you need a place quickly.

Most places require a deposit when making a reservation. Some refund the deposit when you arrive. Others deduct it from the total cost. If you can’t make your planned stay, the deposit will not be refunded. (This helps reduce cancellations, especially for the free places.)

Tags are included with each post to help you find what you’re looking for, whether by location, cost, or style of accommodation.