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Dare to Dream Series Book 1

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Dare to Dream Series Book 1

I Want to Be… A Cowgirl encourages big dreams for little dreamers. With clever rhymes and captivating photos, this charming book celebrates the cowgirl life and love for horses. It encourages the reader to think about what is valuable and lasting, and pursue a life worth living.

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“I absolutely love this book! The little girl in me drools over the horses in the photos, and the words are straight from my little cowgirl dreams. I always dreamed of being a cowgirl when I was young. Dare to dream girls!” –K. Timmerman (mom…and some-times cowgirl)

“I loved this book because it had everything I dream of being and wanting to do! The pictures are so awesome.” –A Davis (daughter)

“This book encompasses many young girls’ dreams. The poetry reminded me of my own dreams as a girl. Horses embodied strength, power and camaraderie, and riding them was delightful. I found this book a fun read that took me back to my own dreams and the joy of dreaming. Any little girl would love this to read through again and again!” –L. Davis (mom)


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