He’s My GOD! Book 1

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Knowing God Through His Names: A Children’s Devotional – Book 1

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These 18 devotions about different names of God will delight and encourage your children. Kids will love the photos of other children that illustrate God as Creator, Deliverer, Lamb of God, and more. Children can learn valuable truths about who God is and how those truths can help them in practical ways each day.

Written for ages 5-10 in kid-friendly language, these devotions can be read by your kids on their own, or they can be used with the whole family. Either way, your kids will be encouraged as they get to know God better.



“I used Book 1 last year in AWANA for the sparks. It was so helpful! I loved the simple pages for the kids and yet the concepts on each page of who our God is, left me awestruck. We have an amazing God! You have done an amazing job taking those concepts and making them simple enough for the kids to enjoy and be amazed at the God we have. You have made it fun and easy for me to teach these concepts to the kids and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There was a wealth of information in that simple devotional book.” -Charity D.

“Joanna K. Harris & Jen Kallin’s He’s My GOD! children’s devotional has been refreshing and inspiring to read with my 5 year-old daughter. I love the way it brings a simple approach to who God is through his various names, as sometimes it can be a challenge to explain God to a child. I find I am being reminded of all the beautiful and creative aspects of God and appreciate the time to learn alongside my own daughter. Makes for great snuggle time, short, sweet and educational.” -Kierstyn B.

“I was so excited to receive Joanna K. Harris’ devotional for children, He’s My GOD! The descriptions of 18 unique characteristics of God were interesting and simple enough for even my three year-old to understand. The pictures really helped to jog the kids’ memories as we reviewed as well. It has been exciting to hear my boys integrating truths about God’s character into their daily lives. In a discussion about a mighty warrior during play time, one child reminded the other that while people can be mighty, only God is almighty. Another time, I was discussing the ministry of counseling with an adult friend when my youngest piped up that God is the only perfect counselor. I’ve been delighted to witness them grasping these truths at a young age! Joanna’s book met and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend it and look forward to Book 2!” -Shilo C.

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