Digital Wallpaper “The Journey”


Life is a journey…that often includes suffering. But praise God, we have someone who walks with us every step. Jesus makes the journey worth it all.

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This wallpaper set includes three pages. Each page contains one stanza of the poem “The Journey” by Joanna K. Harris with a corresponding photograph taken by Kati Faith Photography. This wallpaper works well as a rotating wallpaper, so that you can enjoy all three stanzas of the poem and all three photographs. Or you can choose to use an individual page as a stationary wallpaper.

Details: This desktop wallpaper is one size (1920x1080px) and will fit all screens. It is compatible with iMacs, MacBooks, and Windows. This is an instant download – there is no physical product. The files become available to download upon purchase. The files themselves are in PNG format – one zip file containing three PNG files (individual file size: 1920×1080).


All of the files included in this download are original and copyright to Joanna K. Harris and KatiFaithPhotography. They are for your personal use only and cannot be resold, remade, copied or distributed in any shape or form. Legal action may be taken if you choose to do so.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Any unauthorized reprint or use of this image or poetry is strictly prohibited. None of the photos/writings may be reproduced, resold, or used for promotional/ social media use without written consent from the artists of ©Joanna K. Harris and ©KatiFaithPhotography.


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