Scotland - "Small But Mighty" 
"Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power." -Ephesians 6:10

Scotland is a small country, but the people have big hearts. And even though Christians seem to be a small minority now, they are mighty in the Lord! Recent statistics may say the church in Scotland is dying out, but the good news is that God is still working through His people in so many ways – through prayer, outreach, training, and more. 

Culture Notes

Cupar, Scotland

◊ The tradition of the kilt goes back to the 16th century. Today there are over 3500 tartans (plaid designs) registered in the Scottish Tartans Authority. However, only about 500 designs are readily available for purchase in various forms, including kilts.

◊ St Andrews beach in Scotland is where the opening scene in Chariots of Fire was filmed. This famous movie portrayed Eric Liddell, a Scottish runner who won an Olympic gold medal and later became a missionary to China.


Are you passionate about prayer ministry? 
Do you love to help children?
Do you want to see more evangelism and discipleship in your community?
The following organizations are doing all these things and more –
Glasgow Prophetic 

The Glasgow Prophetic Centre is training and equipping the church to transform Europe, as a testimony to Jesus. They offer ministries ranging from individual prayer sessions, to training and mentoring courses, to retreats for church leaders. 

“We love to help set people free from the entanglements and strongholds of the enemy. We help people walk into freedom from oppression and bondage and into the fullness of life that God has for them!”

For The Love Of A Child (FLOC) –

After their son, Sam, passed away unexp​ectedly at age five, Donna and Tom Jennings founded this charity for children. FLOC’s vision is to positively impact children, especially children who’ve been through loss, trauma, or grief. 

FLOC sponsors a “Sam’s House” (a safe play/learning space) in Lebanon for Syrian refugee children, which has significantly impacted the children and their families. FLOC also has outreaches in schools in Scotland and offers specially-designed program materials for children in pre-school through fifth grade. The charity continues to expand its services, through creative outreaches and partnership with other organizations. 

The Filling Station –

“A new informal way of expressing the Christian faith.” The Filling Station organizes monthly mid-week meetings that are held in non-church venues. Working in unity with local churches, the Filling Station offers high quality speakers, contemporary worship, and prayer ministry. Meetings are also presented in a way that those outside the church would feel comfortable attending.

The Filling Station model is helping Christian communities grow in depth and numbers, as well as bringing renewal and evangelism to more areas through starting local groups. “Our mandate is to help Christians experience renewal and promote evangelism across the country.”

Prayer Requests

Pray for the Christians in Scotland – 
*to grow in God’s grace and truth,
*to recognize and do the good works God has prepared for them, in the power of the Holy Spirit,
*to live with eternal perspective and priorities. 
Pray for God to connect hurting children with local Christians who can have a positive impact on their lives. 
Pray for Christians to have favor with others – employers, leaders, officials, etc. – so that Jesus can shine His light through them into every area of culture.

The Woman God Used

On a Tuesday afternoon, the streets of Glasgow weren’t crowded. A cold wind blew, and I was thankful for my hooded jacket. I’d just had an amazing visit at the Glasgow Prophetic Center. I was contemplating the encouragement and prayer I’d received. As I walked back toward the parking garage, I almost didn’t stop. But the Holy Spirit tugged at me.

I turned around and went over to the woman I’d just walked past. She was sitting against a building and holding out a paper cup. I dug in my pocket for some change. Then I heard myself say, “Are you ok?”

She mumbled an answer I couldn’t understand. I asked her again, and she said something like, “I’m ok, I just need some money for….” I still couldn’t tell what she said, but I dropped the coins in her cup. After a brief pause, I said, “God bless you.” Then I continued on my way.

You know how almost in the same moment you can have totally different thoughts going through your head? As I walked, I had a thought of gratitude that the Holy Spirit had stopped me, and that I had obeyed, and I had at least done a small act of kindness. 

Then immediately I felt a sense of conviction. What were a few coins when the woman probably didn’t know Jesus? Why hadn’t I just knelt down on the cement and said, “I don’t know you. I don’t know your situation. But Jesus does, and He loves you. Do you know Him? Would you like to know Him?”

Where was boldness? Where was courage to at least say something? Where was the compassion of Jesus, who didn’t just alleviate physical needs, but also healed people’s souls?

These thoughts weren’t the kind of conviction that made me feel guilty. Instead it was like Jesus was calling me deeper. Like He was saying, “Yes, you stopped, you noticed, you did something kind. But don’t stop there. Speak! Tell them about my love.”

I don’t know anything about the woman…except that Jesus loves her. I wish I’d been His voice to her that day to speak something of hope and truth and His great love. Even if I’d spoken with bumbling words, I’m sure Jesus would have used it for good.

Since I missed that opportunity, I have prayed for the woman. And I’m asking God to change me…so that I’m less concerned about what other people think and more concerned about sharing the truth that hurting people need. No, I don’t want to offend people. I don’t want to alienate people. But I want to live my life believing that what matters most is letting people know that Jesus sees them and loves them – in actions and in words.

God doesn’t “need” me – in the sense that He can accomplish His purposes in many ways. But my heavenly Father is inviting me to be one of the ways He is working in this world. God is at work – always. And we can be part of that work!

I know God can send someone else to speak to the woman about His love. I pray He will. And as only God can, He used the woman in my life that day. Because of her, I pray that God will keep growing me, so that I will be available, ready, and bold to join with Him in the opportunities He gives me.

We invite you to leave comments or questions. And feel free to share about how you see God at work around you as well.

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