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Tabernash, CO 80478

Shekinah Ranch in Colorado is a special place that was built and prepared with much prayer. The founders wanted to provide a lovely setting where people in ministry could come for spiritual retreat. “We want Shekinah Ranch to be a place of rest, renewal, restoration and vision; a place where those in the fires of the front lines can withdraw from the battle to be in the presence of God.” (from their website) God’s presence and peace are sweetly felt here.

Accommodations – 

The guest cabin at the ranch is modern and comfortable, peaceful and cheerful. It has in-floor heating/cooling, a mudroom entrance, a full kitchen, queen bed, and tub/shower combo in the bathroom. The water comes from a well on the property. The living/dining area has windows on three sides, providing natural light and beautiful views of the forest and mountains around the cabin. 

Rates – 

Costs are kept as low as possible to make the cabin affordable for those in ministry. Rates are $75/night plus a $50 housekeeping fee. Full payment is necessary when making reservations. The cabin is available for either 5 nights or 12 nights (usually Monday noon to Saturday noon). Check the calendar on the website for dates when the cabin is available.  

Location – 

The ranch is about a two-hour drive west of Denver, depending on weather and traffic. The closest town is Fraser, which is small but does have a grocery store, laundromat, restaurants, etc.

Phone/Internet – 

There is no wifi or landline phone at the cabin, but cell service is fairly reliable in the area. 

Health Considerations –

Elevation: The ranch is at about 8600 feet. People with certain health conditions (heart conditions, respiratory issues, etc.) are recommended not to go to this high elevation (please check with your doctor if you aren’t sure). For guests, especially those not used to a high elevation, it’s important to stay hydrated, wear sunblock when outside, and make sure you take breaks when hiking or exerting yourself. 

Weather: Because of the high elevation, there is likely to be snow on the ground from mid-fall to late-spring. While the cabin stays nice and warm, the outside temperatures can be quite cold. If that is a challenge for you, be sure to reserve your time during the summer months when it’s warmer.

Other Details – 

Guests: The cabin is designed and available for a married couple or a single person (no children). 

Driving: Be prepared for difficult driving if you visit in winter. The long “driveway” to the cabin can be tricky to navigate. Unless you’re used to driving narrow, steep, dirt roads covered in snow and ice, it’s easy to get stuck. It’s good if you have a larger vehicle and experience driving in these conditions. Otherwise, you might prefer a summer reservation.

Food: You will need to bring all your own food. The closest grocery store is about 15 minutes away in Fraser. 

Miscellaneous: There are no pets or burning candles allowed. When making a reservation, you must agree with the statement of faith on the website. The hosts live nearby, and you can reach out to them if you need anything. 

I was so blessed by my time at Shekinah Ranch! I felt the Lord’s presence and peace, and I experienced His healing touch for body and soul. I was refreshed by the beauty of nature all around and grateful for precious time away from busyness and enjoying the Savior. 

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