Spain - "Unexpected Paths"

“I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth. These are the things I will do; I will not forsake them.” –Isaiah 42:16

For centuries Spain was synonymous with Catholicism. Sadly, the culture turned post-Catholic and post-Christian. Many churches have become tourist attractions. People don’t want to hear about God. Yet, there are still vibrant Christians who are beautifully displaying the life of Jesus in their actions and words. They are feeding the hungry, mentoring youth, singing God’s praise, and much more! 

Culture Notes

Arc De Triomf, Barcelona
Arc De Triomf, Barcelona

◊ While Spanish is the main language, there are three other languages also spoken in Spain – Catalan, Galician, and Basque. 

◊ The architecture and art in Spain showcases the varying influences from different historical periods, all the way back to Roman times.


Do you love gospel music?
Do you have a heart for reaching out to the homeless? 
Do you enjoy working with youth? 
The following organizations are serving in these ways and more – 
In Barcelona, there is a citywide gospel choir called Gospel Soul. Barcelona was also the location of the recent “One Heart Gospel Music Festival,” where Bazil Meade taught a masterclass on gospel music. People from Spain and other countries in Europe came to attend the festival and learn more about gospel music. 
Other places in Europe are using gospel music as well. Ireland has a gospel music festival called Gospel Rising. Gospel music is appealing to a wide audience today, and Christians are utilizing it as a creative way to build relationships and share about Jesus. 
Agape Españ (website is in Spanish) 
Agape is the ministry of CRU in Spain. With dedicated staff and volunteers, they are reaching out to students, helping the homeless, encouraging families, showing hospitality, mentoring, and more. Agape is working in eight major cities around Spain. 
This year is the 50th anniversary of Agape in Spain, and their theme is “Contigo” (with you, or together). their vision is that through collaboration with local churches, volunteers, and other organizations, they can continue to serve many and spread the gospel to those who haven’t heard. 
Hillsong Españ (website is in Spanish)
Hillsong Church began in Australia, and now has campuses around the world. In Spain, Hillsong has three locations: Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia. The church has youth and children’s programs, women’s ministry, city outreaches, and more – all in Spanish. 
With local leadership and connection with this worldwide mega-church, Hillsong campuses in Spain offer a local church home, as well as the reminder of being part of the larger body of Christ.

Prayer Requests

Pray for the Christians in Spain – 
*to grow in intimacy with Jesus,
*to be wise, bold, and gracious in sharing the gospel,
*to live in unity – loving one another and working together.

Pray for God’s will to be done in political circumstances, and for peace between differing parties. 

Pray for non-Christians to be hungry for truth and light, and that God will prepare hearts to receive the gospel. 


Have you ever had a music flashback? You hear a song, and suddenly you’re transported to a different time and place. Perhaps you remember the first time you heard that song, or a time when it was especially meaningful to you. 

It happened to me recently. The worship team at church started singing a song, and at first it seemed new to me. Then suddenly I was transported to a different country. I had a vivid memory of being in Spain – in a tiny little apartment, in my tiny little room, and hearing a worship/gospel song in English. And the words were just what I needed that day.

My time in Spain was full of unexpected moments – some hard, some wonderful. Imagine my surprise when the sweet Spanish couple I was staying with shared that they are part of a citywide gospel choir! It’s not a church-sponsored choir, and anyone can join, so many of the members are non-Christians. They sing gospel songs in English, and they include a Spanish translation in subtitles at their concerts. It sounded like a wonderful outreach to me!

That’s how I found myself sitting on a folding chair in a crowded building with no air conditioning. The man sitting next to me was drinking beer out of a plastic cup. There was energy and excitement among the crowd. Finally, the music started…gospel music! Song after song, the audience clapped and cheered, and seemed to be having a grand time. The final song was “Oh Happy Day,” and the room felt full of joy as the last notes subsided. Then the choir leader suggested we say a prayer to thank God for this special time of sharing music together. He started praying. And hundreds of un-churched people heard someone talking to God as Father and Jesus as Savior.

And once again I caught a glimpse of God’s heart – so full of love for every person He has created!

I left the concert feeling uplifted by the music, and inspired by the creative ways God is working to communicate His love and truth to those who don’t know Him.

I believe music is a gift from God, and it can have a powerful impact in our lives. For some reason, people in Spain love gospel music. And God is using it, through His people, to share the good news about Jesus. Because of this gospel choir, several people have come to believe in Jesus. The choir even sang at the baptism of one its members who recently believed. How incredible is that?

Even when it seems like there’s no interest in spiritual truth, no way to spread the gospel in a post-Christian society, no hope for change…with God there is always a way. One thing I learned in Spain is that God has infinite ways of pursuing lost souls with His love and grace. He has creative methods and unexpected pathways.

The song that caused my music flashback to Spain is called “Waymaker.” If you haven’t heard it, I think you’d like it.

It says, “Waymaker, Miracle-worker, Promise-Keeper, Light in the Darkness – My God, that is who you are.” And… “Even when I can’t see it, you’re working, and even when I can’t feel it, you’re working –My God, that is who you are.”

Where do you need God as a Waymaker? He has promised, and He is faithful – He can lead you along unexpected paths, as He continues working in and through you to impact this world.

We invite you to leave comments or questions. And feel free to share about how you see God at work around you as well.

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